1. Cancellation:

Cancellations are subject to a 7 day "cooling" period where 100% Refund is available, this applies only to tickets purchased before 31st July 2021. After 7 Days the following structure will apply to cancellations:

Before 31st July 2021 - 50% Cancellation Fee applies

After 31st July 2021 - No Refunds

All cancellations must be in writing either by email or post and include full details of booking. Substitutions must be made like for like (I.e. adult for adult place) this must also be received in writing via email or post by the booking contact before 31st July. Substitutions may incur a £5 admin fee per ticket. Cancellations due to ill health or various “Acts of God” may be eligible for a full refund or reduced fees. Please state the circumstances along with the request for cancellation. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis and ONE Event reserves the right to subject all cancellations to the fees stated above. Suitable proof of circumstances will be required in these instances.

2. What time can we arrive?

Gate 3 opens from 9:00am for Registration. The event starts at 10am and will conclude at 10pm.

3. How can I book an Outdoor Exhibitions Slot?

For more Information on Exhibiting at ONE please click here.

4. Terms and Conditions

For more information about ONE Event please download our Terms and Conditions here.